2012 Lead Generation and Conversion Systems For Your Business

  • Why some businesses are flourishing during the time of one of the greatest financial hardships in our memory, yet most are failing?
  • Have you ever wondered why the "traditional" means of marketing your business have stopped working or producing a negative return on your investment?
  • You know that you have to promote your business online as this is where most of the buying decisions are made or supported, but not sure where to start?
  • Do you have an online presence already but have failed to monetize it so far?

If any of the above is applicable to you - then this Webinar is a MUST!

Hi, Dmitri Stern (aka Profit Growth Enthusiast) is here...

Discover The Online lead generation and conversion systems for your business!

This is what you will learn during the 60 minutes Webinar, packed with the practical info, that you can apply to your business the next day:
  • 1. How to establish a profitable online presence for your business from scratch in less then a week. Yes! You can do it yourself - it's not as complex as you think. More and more business is done online nowadays - so it pays to learn the ways of maintaining your own profitable online presence and not rely on the 'web guy'.
  • 2. Why it is important to make sure that your online marketing strategies will flow into your offline marketing efforts and how to make it work? So, your website now generates the traffic? Great! Let me ask you: "Do you know how many visitors you had last month?... Impressive! "How many have contacted you, gave you their contact details or bought from you?" - Not sure? Find out what needs to be in place AND in which sequence - to make this happen!
  • 3. Three best online marketing practices to get the scores of qualified leads. OK...in online world, there are three things you need to have in place to start getting sales for your business:

1. Product (which I assume you have, since you own the business already - even if you don't, you will learn a lot about it);

2. Traffic (even the best and the prettiest websites are useless, unless you have the properly qualified prospective customers visiting it - i.e. your potential target market and not the 'tyre-kickers');

3. Selling Platform(once the prospective customers are on your website - you want them to take action, so you can start moving them through your sales funnel - even if it's a long sales cycle). Actually one of the best strategies to get your online leads is not an online one but the offline one!

  • 4. How to avoid being a hostage to your service provider and make sure that you really OWN your valuable online assets. Well if you don't think this is important - think about the scenario when you've invested 2-3 years of your time in building and promoting your website, only to find out that your 'web guy' took it off you, because you had an argument. If you think this doesn't happen, think again, I've heard a dozen stories just like the ones above. There's one simple step, that you need to take, to make sure it never happen to you - find out what it is on this webinar!
  • 5. Why having an income producing online business front is not an option? The Internet is no longer an extension of your marketing efforts; or marketing channel for your promotions, it's the way to do business: find the prospective customers, develop relationships with them, then close profitable sales! Find out the steps you want to take to make sure your business is not geographically dependent and that you can do it on the go, while travelling the world (if you put your efforts into it - that is)
  • 6. How to monetize your online presence (convert followers, lists, visitors into the profitable sales); Your online presence is one of the least expensive ways to promote your business and should make you money - if it doesn't, then you are missing a critical components that will be shared on this webinar!
  • 7. How to streamline your offline marketing and sales efforts to maximize your online marketing. Imagine that the prospective customer had followed you and your product/service for a while and already excited about buying - all you have to do is to call them and take an order. There's no magic in it - a simple system that allows to accomplish exactly this - learn it at our webinar!
  • 8. Six fast steps to start generating profitable sales with your Converged Online and Offline Marketing Effort in the next 60 days. Listen attentively and take plenty of notes, so once we've finished - you will be able to start working on your onlineĀ  and offline sales and conversion systems!
  • 9. Your action plan - downloadable resource and the NEXT STEPS...

Looking forward to 'seeing' you at this webinar live!


Dmitri Stern and The A Team!

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Thursday, 16 February, 2012
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM NZDT
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